Music Support Group expands Deutsche POP Academy of Music and Media

The Music Support Group (MSG) is expanding its Deutsche POP Academy of Music and Media with the addition of two new SSL Duality consoles.

The group’s educational facilities in Eichenau, its corporate headquarters, as well as Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne, are already equipped with Duality consoles. MSG’s exclusive Dorian Gray Studio design standard, which includes SSL consoles, has been applied to Deutsche POP locations.

“The founder and owner of Music Support Group, Rüdiger J. Veith, conceived MSG as a company that would encompass all aspects of the media business, including an educational initiative,” said Gerhard Wölfle, manager in chief for Dorian Gray Studios. “I joined the company in 2003 at the time when MSG’s original commercial studio was being rebuilt in a new facility in Eichenau featuring an SSL C200 Digital Production Console. After many planning sessions for that studio, the Dorian Gray Studio design standard was born to represent a uniformly high-quality, professional facility, whether used for educational or commercial purposes. When the educational branch of MSG started to take off, the Dorian Gray Studio concept meant having an SSL console for each Deutsche POP location to maintain that reputation. For our educational goals, Duality was the best choice.”

The Deutsche POP Academy began with the intention of finding skilled engineers for the original Eichenau commercial studio operated by MSG. The inaugural academy location was Berlin, which has a Dorian Gray Studio with a 48-channel Duality. Over the past several years the academy has expanded to the other locations featuring 24-channel Duality consoles in Hamburg and Eichenau.

While staring with courses in engineering for the recording studio, the academy now teaches all aspects of the media business to include music composition, film and video production, graphic and web design, event managing, marketing and live sound.

“A central concept for Deutsche POP was to deliver as much hands-on training as possible for the students,” continued Wölfle. “Duality had an incredible reputation on the world stage, so by purchasing the consoles, we gave our students the very best experience available while putting us ahead of the curve with other schools. Duality allowed us to teach traditional analogue workflow, which gave students a strong operational foundation about how sound was recorded, routed and shaped. Because of the integrated DAW control, we could now relate our students’ existing experience with programs like Cubase and Logic to a high-end professional environment. With Duality, we could teach both techniques from the same console surface.”