Musicians Institute of Los Angeles’ studio equipped with API console

A 32-channel API 1608 console is now in place at the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in Los Angleles.

The desk can be found in Studio C at the school, and was installed in the beginning of January, just in time for the spring semester.

The Institute has been an important part of music education in southern California since the late ’70s, and offers a variety of programs, such as Guitar Craft, Music Industry and Audio Engineering, where the 1608 will be used. Approximately 200 students are currently enrolled on the Audio Engineering program.

The console was sold and installed by Westlake Pro, an API dealer in North Hollywood. The 1608 was selected to replace the old large format console in the studio following a complete rework of the patch bay.

“The API was chosen based on recommendations. When we decided to get a new console, many of the instructors requested an API. The final decision was made by our previous program chair after discussing the options with Westlake,” said Krystal Schafer, studio manager.

“The 1608 is perfect for teaching classic, all-analog, signal chain theory, operation and patch bay to MI’s beginning audio engineering students,” added instructor Barry Rudolph. “The Practical Recording Class is one of the first exposures they have to professional recording consoles.”

Audio Engineering students learn the basics of the console during the first quarter of the Practical Recording course, while the second quarter, which features the Mixing and Mastering course, offers participants the chance to gain a wider understanding of recording.

“API was the overwhelming choice, as everyone involved knew of the API 1608’s value as a high-quality, easy-to-use, great-sounding, traditional recording console,” commented Gadget Hopkins of Westlake Pro. “The API 1608’s rich heritage, based off the renowned vintage 1604, is classic API sound and quality, while adding new modern features that are valuable for today’s engineers, producers and musicians. These features fit the school’s requirements for their curriculum perfectly.”

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