NAB 2015: Avid announces VENUE S6L system

Avid has introduced the Avid VENUE S6L live sound mixing system, featuring a touch-based interface designed to enable audio professionals to easily handle the largest tours and events.

Integrated with Pro Tools, Avid VENUE S6L functions as a front-end to the company’s media management and distribution platform Avid MediaCentral Platform.

The S6L is a fully modular, scalable live sound mixing system that promises functionality for a range of live sound mixing applications, including front-of-house, monitor, broadcast, theatre, and more. Featuring the VENUE E6L live sound engine, S6L offers "unprecedented power to handle huge channel and plug-in counts at the lowest possible latency," the manufacturer says. It also delivers processing at 96 Hz and support for higher sample rates.

The system aims to enable professionals to achieve better sounding mixes with greater speed and efficiency, thanks to the S6L console’s touchscreen workflows, ergonomics, and visual feedback. S6L was created to provide greater onboard plug-in processing than what was previously available, providing engineers with same sound processors used in studios, fully integrated to deliver responsive control.

Pro Tools integration provides recording and playback functionality without the need for a separate audio interface. Furthermore, S6L is a networked system and can be completely customised to meet the needs and budget of professional productions.

“In the ten years since we first introduced the VENUE live sound mixing system, Avid has continued to be on the forefront of live sound innovation, and now we are setting an even higher benchmark with VENUE S6L,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of products and technology. “With VENUE S6L, Avid is poised to lead the market forward again with unprecedented processing power and innovative technologies that enable customers to take on the most challenging tours and events with ease.”

Avid VENUE S6L is available to order now, and units will begin shipping to customers in Q3 2015.