NAB 2015: TC Electronic reveals Clarity X monitor controller

TC Electronic has introduced Clarity X monitor controller at the NAB show in Las Vegas and Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Clarity X offers dedicated metering and calibration tools designed to optimise balance, spectrum and intelligibility on productions.

Clarity X offers a suite of metering tools, including a loudness-based Stereo Deviation Meter that reflects how well a surround mix will translate into stereo. Other meters include a new Centre Ratio meter displaying the balance between the centre channel (typical dialog) and the other channels in a surround mix, true-peak meter and SPL meter.

Any monitor with digital or analog inputs can be connected to Clarity X. As default Clarity X comes with AES inputs and outputs, but it can be expanded with MADI I/O as well. For surround setups, Clarity X offers full bass management control as well as solo/mute functionality for each speaker in the system.

TC Electronic’s Radar Loudness Meter has been upgraded for Clarity X and now offers full 7.1 surround support. Like its predecessors, LM8 features the loudness radar that shows short-term loudness over time, two user-definable parameters such as Program Loudness and Loudness Range and a full-fledged true-peak meter.

A small-footprint remote control is included that offers hands-on control of the most important monitor control functions as well as a row of user-definable function keys that can be programmed to suit any workflow.

Clarity X also includes a dedicated dose meter that informs the user of potentially harmful sound exposure on a daily or a weekly basis.

“Think of Clarity X as the missing link between Pro Tools and your monitors,” said Thomas Valter, VP of business management for broadcast and production at TC Electronic. “Audio professionals have had to come up with their own custom-made solutions, often involving small pieces of tape to indicate calibrated listening levels, for much too long. We’re extremely proud to present Clarity X as the one-stop multi-format monitoring solution that gives audio engineers total control, as well as a suite of tools that help them always deliver the better mix.”