NAB 2016: Nugen introducing Halo Upmix 9.1 option

Nugen Audio will be launching a new 9.1 option for its acclaimed Halo Upmix plug-in at this year’s NAB Show, which kicks off in Las Vegas tomorrow.

It makes Nugen one of the first companies to introduce a 9.1 upmix option, which includes overhead positioning and generates a 7.1.2 (Dolby Atmos) bed track-compatible upmix.

The company says that with this new extension, sound designers and post-production engineers can bring existing stereo content more easily into the realism of a full Dolby Atmos mix, while the expanded and detailed visual interface makes overhead positioning ‘clear and intuitive.’

The expansion to Halo Upmix is a timely introduction, as Dolby Atmos is now increasingly being integrated into cinemas, home theatre systems, mobile devices, and UHD movie title releases.

"We have worked closely with the entertainment industry to develop an ecosystem of tools and workflows that meet the needs of sound mixers and editors, and we are delighted to see Nugen Audio embrace Dolby Atmos in their award winning upmix plug-in," said Curt Behlmer, senior vice president, content solutions and industry relations, Dolby Laboratories. "This functionality showcases industry and consumer demand for next-generation audio experiences, and makes it easier for creative professionals to produce Dolby Atmos experiences for consumers around the world."

The Halo Upmix 9.1 option is based on frequency-domain and time-domain energy distribution and neural network artificial intelligence. Producers can target various upmix goals including full stable surrounds, exact downmix matching, or full dialogue isolation. In addition to stem and group upmixing, producers can use Halo Upmix’s centre channel control and management to fine-tune a surround mix and to create intricate mixes when there is no access to the original stems. The solution’s centre channel control includes Nugen’s proprietary neural network-based dialogue extraction, which can be applied in all upmix cases, from stereo to 5.1/7.1 and 9.1.

"Nugen Audio is glad to be working alongside Dolby, Avid, and other contributors to provide cutting-edge solutions for naturally extracted and expanded soundscapes or a full cinematic Dolby Atmos compatible upmix," said Jon Schorah, creative director, Nugen Audio. "We’re helping producers to tackle a wide range of upmixing tasks easily and intuitively without compromising quality.”

Halo Upmix is immediately available at $499 for both OS X and Windows, with support for Avid AAX, AudioSuite, VST2, VST3, and AU formats. The 9.1 upmix extension can now be purchased for $199 and is also available as a separate upgrade for existing Halo Upmix customers.