NAB 2019: Studio Technologies introducing Model 348 Intercom Station

Studio Technologies will showcase a number of new products targeted for broadcast and related applications at NAB 2019 (Booth C7049).

A highlight is the Model 348 Intercom Station, which offers eight talk-and-listen audio channels that can be configured for intercom, talent cueing (IFB) and REMI/At-Home applications.

Using Dante Audio over Ethernet network technology, the desktop unit offers extensive resources in a compact table-top enclosure. It is designed for traditional sports and news broadcasting, live event, corporate AV, theatre, and eSports applications.

“Broadcasters within the NAB community require flexible resources that will support their exact needs,” said Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “Being ‘close’ just isn’t acceptable. The Model 348 with its highly-targeted set of audio inputs, audio outputs, and numerous operating modes can be easily configured to play a highly-effective role in allowing on-air talent and production personnel to do their best work.”

Eight rotary controls with integral RGB LEDs allow monitoring of the eight Dante audio input channels. Two additional controls allow adjustment of the headphone and monitor speaker outputs. Pushbutton switches provide the user with talk control. The Model 348 is compatible with both intercom-style and personal computer gaming headsets. A gooseneck microphone can be connected as an alternate talk audio source. In addition to an internal speaker, two Dante monitor output channels can be used for external audio signal monitoring.

Two Gigabit Ethernet connections allow the Model 348 to support both switched and redundant Dante operation. Power for the unit can be supplied by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or an external source of 12 volts DC.

All Model 348 operating parameters are configured using the Studio Technologies’ STcontroller software application. When the unit is combined with other Dante-supporting products from Studio Technologies, a wide range of intercom, talent cueing, and audio monitoring applications can be supported.

“While many applications share a common set of intercom, IFB, or monitoring needs, it’s the details that impact the overall satisfaction that can be achieved. In the end, every event or production will have its own set of requirements, and almost all will require something unique or special,” added Kapes. “We designed the Model 348 with this in mind, creating a product that’s capable of meeting the needs of whatever is encountered. Our goal is to allow our user’s to create solutions that meet or exceed what’s required – in the end that’s the rewarding part for us.”