NAB: Fairlight and Quantel collaborate

The two companies have announced the upcoming release of Fairlight’s new audio post Gateway integration module with Quantel QTube.

Quantel’s QTube technology provides industry partners with direct access to audio, video and metadata held on its Enterprise sQ production systems. QTube has a RESTful API which is available to companies such as Fairlight, and enables development of new workflows with minimal engineering overhead.

The Quantel QTube API gives Fairlight audio editing systems instant, real-time access to Quantel video compositions directly within the Fairlight software. Fairlight’s Gateway accesses the Quantel Enterprise sQ storage, with no rendering or video file import required, providing frame accurate playback, jogging and scrubbing over a local LAN network or even over the internet.

Extensive search functions allow the operator to quickly find pending work, and import audio assets from the Quantel server with ease. At the end of the session, the final audio is laid back directly to the Quantel server via Fairlight Gateway.

Tino Fibaek, CTO of Fairlight commented, “Tight system integration within a broadcast facility is vital to meeting the challenges of today’s demanding production deadlines. The close collaboration between Fairlight and Quantel and the open design architecture of both systems was crucial in the development of the Fairlight GATEWAY module for QTube with the objective to deliver seamless workflow integration and faster throughput.”

Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director, said, “The QTube API really does enable tight integration of systems from different manufacturers. The Fairlight Gateway is a perfect example, adding powerful audio post production tools to complement the unrivalled editing workflow of our Enterprise sQ systems.”