NAB: Fairlight delivers second-generation digital audio engine

Fairlight has released its next generation audio engine, CC-2, which is based on the manufacturer’s Crystal Core Technology.

Fairlight has moved from DSP-based technology to FPGA-based CC-2 technology, providing 1,000 hard disk playback channels, 100 live inputs and 100+ output buses. The CC-2 system is perfectly suited to today’s submersive surround sound formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS MDA, and NHK’s 22.2.

The new CC-2 features a new 64-bit codebase, advanced delay compensation, and faster than real-time bounce. With equalisation, dynamics, plug-ins, and inserts on every input and bus with near zero latency and unlimited headroom, Fairlight users will now be able to tackle larger projects, with more tracks, more processing power, and more speed.

CC-2 is also compatible with audio hardware purchased for CC-1.