NAB: Sennheiser supports Dante

Ahead of this year’s show in Las Vegas, Sennheiser has announced support of the Dante networking standard.

“By joining this standard, we will be able to optimally cater to our customers in the broadcasting and live sound worlds,” explained Claus Menke, Head of Portfolio Management Pro for Sennheiser’s Professional Division (pictured).

“The future belongs to digital networking. We see the digital distribution of audio and control signals becoming more and more widespread in all areas of production."

The first product to make use of the networking technology will be the company’s Digital 9000 wireless microphone system, with a Dante-enabled expansion card for the receiver launching in summer 2014.

“Sennheiser is recognised globally for its uncompromised performance,” stated Lee Ellison, CEO of Audinate. “The Sennheiser Digital 9000 microphone receiver combined with Audinate’s Dante networking further enriches the broad suite of Dante products available for audio over IP networks in broadcast, live sound, theatre, and professional audio markets.”

Sennheiser signed the Dante License Agreement at the end of March. In 2013, Sennheiser signed the Ranenna Partnership Agreement with ALC NetworX GmbH, following in the footsteps of its subsidiary Georg Neumann GmbH. The company has also been a member of the AVnu Alliance since 2010.

Photo: R. Kruse