Nachtresidenz picks Funktion-One for ‘unique audio concept’

The main room at the famous Nachtresidenz venue in Düsseldorf, Germany now features a new speaker system from Funktion-One.

Local audio experts Thöne & Partner was brought on board to upgrade the existing 15-year-old setup, with the owners keen to create something unique – a five-point configuration that supports specially created tracks and surround sound features.

The building started life as the Residenz-Theatre in the 1920s. While the style of entertainment has changed, many of the period characteristics have been kept and blended with modern features.

There are five different areas, spread over 1,800 square metres, but it is the main room that really defines the venue, which regularly welcomes international DJs and performers.

Nachtresidenz aims to be the first club and event venue in the world to be fitted with a surround system that takes guests on "a journey into a new and unique world of music perception." The man behind the concept, Tom Trautsch, is an experienced promoter, producer, DJ and former head of marketing for an international electronics company. He is currently the managing partner of KTB-Holding – the firm that owns Nachtresidenz. Trautsch has spent several years developing the technology that has helped to transform the venue.

Thöne & Partner’s Benedikt Koch commented: “It’s a really cool space that’s used for high-end clubbing, live acts and corporate events. Its height and the exact positioning of the requested five points in the dome presented some challenges – namely reverberance. We overcame this by positioning the speakers as near as possible to the people.”

The system’s five points are formed by pairs of Funktion-One Resolution 2 loudspeakers; bass comes from six BR221s – positioned in two stacks of three on either side of the stage – which deliver plenty of definition and elasticity, even at close range. The main system is powered by MC2 E100Q amplifiers and controlled by an XTA XO4 audio management system. Two Funktion-One PSM318 monitors were also supplied to the venue.

A smaller club space on the upper floor has also been equipped with a four-point system made up of single Resolution 2s, combined with a BR221 bass enclosure and PSM12 monitors. Again, power and control comes from an MC2 E100 amplifier and XTA XO4 controller.

“We’re really pleased that we had the opportunity to bring Funktion-One sound to Nachtresidenz," Kock stated. "We attended the venue’s birthday in late-November and experienced the new system in full flow. It really does work well in the space and it was a great pleasure to see the guests reactions and feel the positive vibe.”

Trautsch added: “Knowing exactly the challenges of this project, we are very pleased with the approach Benedikt and his team implemented with Funktion-One. Their considerable experience and understanding helped us to bring to life our vision of a five-point surround clubbing experience. We are very pleased with the result and get overwhelming comments from promoters, customers and guests – about the system and the ‘new’ Nachtresidenz. We are confident to say that, as far as clubbing experiences go, this is a milestone.”