NAMM 2012: HARMAN reveal AKG IVM45000 IEM In-Ear Monitoring system

Connecticut-based audio manufacturer, HARMAN, have debuted their new In-Ear Monitoring system, the AKG IVM45000 IEM on the opening day of the Winter NAMM 2012 event in Anaheim, California.

The new system builds upon the success of its predecessor the IVM4.

It includes a high-end radio electronic and a manual radio signal attenuator. This provides more a more dynamic RF.

It also had an enhanced frequency setup provided by the SPR45000 IEM diversity receiver to show the number of free channels and supported TV channels available within a pre-set frequency. It also features a quick frequency setup to support monitors.

The device is also set in a rugged housing. The IVM receiver’s battery life has been tested up to 10 hours.

“AKG’s IVM 4500 IEM in-ear monitoring hardware raises the bar for audio quality,” explained Tour Sound Product Marketing Manager at AKG, Wolfgang Fritz, “as the user becomes more in-tune with their own sound. AKG continues to set the standard of high-quality, reliable performance, while IVM4500 IEM adds another ground-breaking, performance-enhancing technology to the industry.”

The device also features antenna diversity providing two matched antennae and a new reference radio electronics design. The SPC4500 antenna combiner alongside the SRA2 W directional antenna and the RA4000 W omni-directional antenna handle this duty. All these features work together to ensure the AKG IVM4500 IEM provides stable signals from the receiver.

In addition, it has been fitted with high-end and powerful headphone amplifier. On top of this is also included ultra linear frequency response as well as dual mode for individual mix. Overall, the quick frequency change function support Monitor Engineers throughout the performances allowing them to keep their projects easily adjustable.

In sum, AKG believe that the IVM4500 IEM will be a welcome addition and those in the tour and installed sound markets will find the easy-to-use technology perfect for onstage monitoring.

“The in-ear monitoring market has become far more mature over the years,” continued Fritz. “Artists demand, and rightfully so, an in-ear monitor that combines reliability, performance, power, comfort and quality audio – traits we’ve worked tirelessly on to ensure the IVM4500 IEM meets the standards of the performer.”

The kit also includes a ST4500 IEM transmitter (adjustable to 10, 20, 50 and 100 mW depending on the country’s laws) and IP 2 ear-channel headphones.

You can view the AKG IVM4500 IEM at Booth No. 7800 at NAMM 2012.