NAMM 2013: AKG introduces new digital automatic microphone mixers

AKG has released its new line of digital automatic microphone mixers – DMM6 and DMM12. 

With an intuitive user interface, numerous DSP functions and high signal to noise ratio, the DMM series provides users with high-quality automatic mixing technology.

DMM12 features 12 inputs, while easily adjusting the mic-to-line level. Its four line outputs (2 x stereo) are individually assignable for each input and the stereo record outputs are individually assignable, while the headphone out port allows users to listen to each input and output individually. DM6 (pictured) offers six inputs and two line outputs at 1 x stereo.

When in use, all inputs are active, but attenuated to a level that equals the level of one active microphone. If two or more inputs receive relevant input signals, their amplification is increased to a level, which allows overall output to equal one active microphone, resulting in a totally feedback-stable system.

Working to deter noise pickup, the DMM series senses numerous sonic activities to monitor and diminish unwanted sound. If a signal is picked up over a long period of time, the mixers understand that it may be the sound from an air conditioning unit or some other type of unavoidable noise. When a large number of microphones pick up the same signal and all mics are active, the DMM system will recognise applause and not react. When two microphones are receiving the same signal, the mic with the slightly higher level gets priority, while the other one is attenuated.

“AKG understands the needs of the live sound professional and the updates to our line of rackable mixers underscores our goal of providing high-quality, reliable sound in all performance spaces,” stated Thomas Giczy, business development manager, installed sound, AKG. “DMM6 and DMM12 embody the technological advancements AKG delivered with its original analog eight-channel auto mixer, AS8 and its digital predecessors DMM4/2/4. DMM12 and 6 will be a tactical addition to any installed sound system to ensure proper sound.”

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