NAMM 2014: Aphex releases two new 500-series modules

California-based Aphex has released two new 500-series modules: the CX 500 and Project 500, as well as a new two-module rack unit.

Aphex’s CX 500 is based on their acclaimed CX-1 compressor/gate unit – one of the first 500 Series modules from the early 80s. The CX 500 features the company’s patented EasyRider compressor and logic-assisted gate, a Jensen output transformer, and multi-function meter for gain reduction, gating, and output level.

Meanwhile, the Project 500 is a 500 Series module-sized version of Aphex’s Project Channel rack unit. A full channel strip, it includes a Class A mic preamp, optical compressor, and dual-band semi parametric EQ. This full-featured channel strip will be aggressively priced to be part of complete solutions with 500 Series racks.

“These new 500 Series modules are based on our legendary designs,” says Aphex Chairman David Wiener, “but we’ve added modern features – and more affordability – to make the CX 500 and Project 500 home run products.”

Also released is the D 500 Duo two-slot rack unit 500-series receiving frame featuring digital and analogue I/O.

“Our D 500 Duo bridges the gap between the traditionally analogue 500 Series workflows and digital connectivity,” comments Wiener. “Not only does it include S/PDIF digital that operates at up to 24-bit, 192kHz, its ability to stereo link and chain modules makes it adaptable to many use scenarios."