NAMM 2014: Peavey releases raft of new pro audio products

Peavey Electronics has announced a number of new products at this year’s Winter NAMM show.

First up is the new PV series of non-powered mixing consoles.

Designed for studio or live the series includes the PV 6, PV 6BT, PV 10BT, and PV 14 BT consoles.

PV Series mixing consoles feature solid construction, reference-quality mic pre‐amps with 0007% total harmonic distortion, direct outputs for recording, stereo channels, Bluetooth capability, digital effects, streaming USB Out, 48 volt phantom power, dual selectable control room outputs, compression, a 3-band EQ per channel with bypass, channel mute buttons, signal clip indicators, and a stereo master LED meter bridge.

The PV Series consoles also feature an on‐board selectable guitar pre‐amp. Along with DAW interface connectivity, this unique guitar‐shape feature adjusts the EQ and pre-amp specifically for guitar, making the consoles ideal for recording environments. The PV 10 and PV

14 BT additionally showcase an LCD display, USB‐A MP3 playback, high‐pass filters, Kosmos‐C bass and treble enhancement, as well as the PV series Listen feature that allows the user to listen to individual channels via headphone or control room outputs; and the EQ bypass allows the user to compare the EQed signal to the original signal with the push of a button.

Next, the XR-AT mixer incorporates a nine-channel mixer and 1000 watts of power (1500 watts peak) with Antares Auto-Tune pitch correction technology. Designed for small to medium-sized venues, the XR-AT includes Bluetooth connectivity and on-board digital effects (including Midmorph, KOSMOS-C, and FLS). The mixer also includes seven channels of compression for dialling in levels for different live settings, and dual nine-band graphic EQs with FLS, monitor send, and selectable EQ.

Rounding out the new mixer releases is the XR-S eight-channel powered mixer with many of the same features as the XR-AT but without Antares Auto-Tune.

Also new from Peavey is the RBN 215 Sub and RBN 112 powered speaker enclosures. The RBN 215 is a dual 15" enclosure constructed of heavily braced 18mm birch that maintains full output down to 36Hz, while the RBN 112 uses Peavey’s ribbon driver technology adapted for live scenarios and features a 12in dual-voice coil neodymium Black Widow speaker.

Inputs include two XLR 0.25in combos, a 3.5mm, and a mic/live level selection. Each input features digital infrasonic high-pass filters, a 9-band graphic EQ and delay.the RBN series features internal temperature monitors plus level and clip indication to ensure optimal performance.

Completely user-friendly, the speaker enclosures contain internal presets built into the DSP, allowing users to quickly select the speaker’s application or orientation via the LCD on the rear of the enclosure. Combined with Auto-off sensing power down, the RBN Sub and RBN 112 enclosures are perfect for installations or portable applications.