NAMM 2014: Tannoy introduces active Reveal monitors

Tannoy launched its new Reveal 402, 502 and 802 monitors today.

The new range of active studio speakers is expertly voiced to bring "a massive sweet spot to personal studios everywhere." The monitors were created to allow users to move around the workspace and share their mix with others – while maintaining a precision listening experience.

Three models make up the series – an ultra-compact four-inch, a versatile five-inch and a powerful eight-inch monitor, all of which provide a number of input options, including Tannoy’s AUX Link using the included five-metre mini jack cable.

Each speaker has been custom tweaked by the company’s in-house speaker specialist Dr. Paul Mills, who has produced "absolutely impeccable timing in the crossover filters," Tannoy says. The result is a widened sweet spot, which makes it possible to maintain stereo imaging of the mix for users moving around in the studio or inviting others to sit in during mixing sessions.

“We’re extremely proud to be able to bring the legendary Tannoy sound to personal studios everywhere," said Peter Jeppesen, product manager for Tannoy Studio. "With the versatility of the new range and the added AUX LINK feature, there’s a Reveal for you no matter the size of your studio.”

Reveal 402 (£105 UK RRP)
Frequency Response: 56-48kHz
Amplifier Output Power: 50 Watts
Max SPL: 101 dB
Driver Configuration: 4” Woofer / ¾” Tweeter

Reveal 502 (£130)
Frequency Response: 49-43kHz
Amplifier Output Power: 75 Watts
Max SPL: 108 dB
Driver Configuration: 5” Woofer / 1” Tweeter

Reveal 802 (£209)
Frequency Response: 42-43kHz
Amplifier Output Power: 100 Watts
Max SPL: 114 dB
Driver Configuration: 8” Woofer / 1” Tweeter

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