NAMM 2014: Trio of controllers from Behringer

Behringer has introduced a new family of universal control surfaces. The three new controllers consist of the X-Touch Universal Control Surface and its siblings, the Compact and Mini.

The X-Touch features nine touch-sensitive motor faders, eight LCD Scribble Strips for instant overview of track names and parameters, plus eight rotary controls with LED-collars for on-the-fly parameter adjustments.

Built-in Ethernet, USB, and MIDI interfaces provide direct access to PC or Mac computers, a MIDI device, and future X32 remote control.

Equipped with the same motorised fader count as its bigger brother, plus a total of 16 rotary controls and a Dual-Layer Mode, the X-Touch Compact is ideal for making transitions between DAW and instrument applications. All control elements come preconfigured.

“These all-powerful control surfaces really let you get your hands on your software,” said product manager Bert Niedermeyer. “You’ll love the tactile feedback you get from the controller surface, and you’ll wonder why you ever relied on a mouse. They really feel that good!”

The X-Touch Mini Ultra-Compact Universal USB Control Surface features a 60mm master fader and a Dual Layer Mode for quick changes, such as switching between DAW and instrument control. The MINI’s eight rotary knobs with LED-collars and 16 dedicated illuminated buttons (including transport control) provide on-the-fly adjustment of the user’s favourite parameters. A built-in USB/MIDI interface allows direct connection to Mac/PC computers and for future add-ons of other controllers – no drivers required.

MUSIC GROUP’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program covers the X-Touch, X-Touch Compact, and X-Touch Mini.