NAMM 2015: Audio-Technica showcases new wireless system and headphones

Audio-Technica has expanded its studio monitoring headphone line-up and bolstered the functionality of its System 10 wireless range.

The ATH-R70x is the company’s first open-back reference monitor headphone, created in conjunction with Paris-based design agency Arro. Featuring aluminium mesh earcup housings for a low weight of 210g and breathable fabric earpads, the R70x is designed to be comfortable over long studio sessions.

The proprietary drivers promise natural, spacious open-back tone, reduced distortion, extended high-end frequency response and improved accuracy with the use of magnets and an alloy magnetic circuit design.

The R70x also features a dual-sided detachable locking cable that is L/R signal independent to ensure proper stereo orientation.

The new ATH-M70x is designed to reveal the most detailed nuances in a mix, tuned to accurately reproduce extreme low and high frequency content. Its 5-40,000Hz frequency response is possible thanks to proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers with earth magnets, and at high volumes the M70x’s 2,000mW maximum power input is designed to keep distortion low while retaining clarity and definition.

A limited edition version of Audio-Technica’s M50x headphones, the M50xDG, comes with the original’s 45mm large-aperture drivers, sound-isolating earcups and high SPL handling designed to deliver natural, accurate sound in high-pressure professional situations as well as for general listening.

The new rackmountable System 10 PRO digital wireless system offers a half rack chassis designed to house one or two receiver units, which can be operated either within the chassis or removed, mounted remotely and connected via ethernet cable. Receivers can be placed up to 300ft away and up to five chassis can be linked with an included RJ12 cable to build a multichannel system, enabling simultaneous use of up to ten channels.

Operating in the 2.4GHz range, System 10 PRO provides three levels of diversity assurance: frequency, time and space. Frequency Diversity sends the signal on two dynamically (and automatically) allocated frequencies, Time Diversity sends the signal in multiple time slots to maximise immunity to multipath interference while Space Diversity uses two antennae on each transmitter and receiver to ensure signal integrity.

The System 10 PRO also has an LCD front panel display, which provides information on signal strength, transmitter battery level, system ID and system link status.