NAMM 2015: Radial to reveal IceCube isolator

Radial Engineering will display a new ultra-compact balanced line isolator at NAMM.

Designed to fit inside a tool kit to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops, the IceCube IC-1 measures less than 10.16cm x 3.81cm x 3.81cm. The compact design features an XLR-F input at one end and an XLR-M output at the other, with solid 16-gauge steel construction and durable powder coat finish.

Connection to and from the IceCube IC-1 is done using standard three-pin XLR cables and it is also equipped with a ground lift switch to further assist in reducing noise.

Radial will also launch stereo versions of two existing direct boxes: the JDI Stereo and the J48 Stereo. The JDI is designed to deliver a phase-accurate, distortion-free signal and handle excessive transients to produce a natural vintage compression.

The J48 works within the confines of 48V phantom power to deliver wide frequency response and more headroom with less distortion, and introduces a new way of lifting the pin-1 ground without cutting off phantom power.

By employing an internal switching supply, the unit converts phantom power for more rail voltage, resulting in less distortion and more gain without the use of an input pad. The power system also allows the relocation of the ground lift inside the power supply, enabling the stage technician to lift the ground without having to revert to costly and environmentally hazardous batteries.