NAMM 2015: Two new products from Rupert Neve Designs

The Texas-based company is set to present two new product designs at The NAMM Show, the RNDI active transformer direct interface and R6 Six Space 500 Series.

The RNDI utilises a custom Rupert Neve-designed transformer and a class-A biased discrete FET amplifier to balance an instrument signal – whether straight from a bass guitar or a 1,000W amp – with sonics extending beyond 100kHz.

The unit can be used in two modes: speaker mode, where the DI is connected post-power amp, and instrument mode, where the instrument is connected to the DI directly.

In speaker mode, the RNDI can handle the output of a 1000-Watt power amplifier (92 Vrms or 266Vp-p) to capture the full tone of the instrument, preamplifier, EQ, inserts, and the amplifier’s output stages before it hits the speakers, allowing the engineer to avoid any bleed or unwanted tone.

In instrument mode, the RNDI’s high input headroom of +21.5dBU is capable of handling not only instruments, but professional, line level sources like interfaces, CD players and drum machines without a pad. This allows the RNDI to serve as a way to “re-preamp” any previously recorded track using your interface and a desired pre-amp.

The second is the R6 Six Space 500 Series, a rack with more than double the required current for a six-space chassis to prevent the power rails from failing under a higher than expected load. The unit also features LED current metering, a double-shielded internal power supply and eight channels of balanced I/O options including DB-25, XLR and TRS that may be used interchangeably, all within a solid steel chassis with bumpers to support the unit in both horizontal and vertical configurations.