NAMM 2016: DPA displaying new mounts for d:vote mics

DPA Microphones has further expanded its d:vote line with the addition of three new mount options: a clamp mount with a strong grip that allows it to anchor to ‘every instrument possible’, a microphone stand mount and an accordion clip.

The d:vote range is designed to allow one microphone to be utilised across various classifications of instruments, with a simple switch of the mount. The complete d:vote product line will be on display at the 2016 NAMM Show (Hall A, Booth 6013).

The manufacturer will also feature microphone demonstrations at its booth throughout the show, giving attendees the chance to learn from the company’s experts. Led by Bo Brinck, global sales support manager for DPA, these discussions will take place in connection with performances by female folk band SHEL and will educate booth visitors on the ins and outs of microphone use and placement.

Additionally, drummer Dennis Chambers, who has toured extensively with Carlos Santana, will connect a combination of DPA d:vote instrument and d:dicate recording microphones to his kit for a solo performance at the Pearl booth (204B) on Saturday 23 January at 2pm

With these latest mounting solutions added to the accessory list, an even wider array of musicians can now use DPA microphones without having to purchase a new microphone for each different instrument they have, the company says. The AC4099 clip was created specifically for the accordion – an instrument often played with a lot of gusto that can prove to be difficult to mic during recordings and live performances. The clip is mounted directly on the accordion, which typically requires a minimum of two microphones: one at the left/right hand side and one at the base/treble area. The musician can choose to either attach the clip permanently to the instrument using screws or use adhesive as a temporary measure.

The SM4099 stand mount makes it possible for musicians to mount the d:vote mic on a traditional microphone stand, while the CM4099 clamp mount is a clip that is designed as an all round solution that can be used for all kinds of instruments.

“The addition of these new mounting solutions makes it possible for musicians, with even the most unique acoustic instruments, to record or amplify the exact sound of their performance with the renowned d:vote 4099 mic,” said DPA CEO Christian Poulsen.

“Miking is often a matter of taste and by expanding the line of d:vote instrument microphones we can meet every wish for instrument miking. The d:vote 4099 microphone is the best condenser instrument microphone on the market and we want all musicians to be able to attach it to their instrument or instruments.”