NAMM 2016: Radial releases Dante-enabled DI box

Radial Engineering is showing off a wide array of new kit at this year’s NAMM Show, which opened its doors yersterday.

As well as giving visitors another chance to check out the new McBoost Microphone Signal Booster first announced back in November, the company has introduces a number of products for the first time this year.

Here’s an overview of Radial’s NAMM launches…

DiNET Network direct box with Dante (MAP: TBC)

Described as the world’s first Dante-enabled direct box, the DiNET DAN-RX (pictured) includes a 24bit/96kHz digital to analogue endpoint that allows the user to output audio from a Dante network to stereo systems. It also enables instruments or line level sources to be connected directly to networked audio systems using the Dante protocol.

It is equipped with left and right balanced XLR outputs with a level control for connection to microphone inputs up to +4dBu line level systems. A local 3.5mm headphone output is provided to test or monitor audio before connection to the PA system.

Jensen Twin-Servo 500 Series Preamplifier ($999.99)

‘A modern recreation of a classic’ – made to fit the 500 series format – the Jensen Twin-Servo (pictured, below) is designed to completely eliminate capacitors and combines two 990 op-amps with a pair of Jensen transformers to produce ‘the widest bandwidth and fattest bass ever.’

Able to deliver up to 60dB of gain, it features a convenient front-panel Neutrik Combo connector with choice of XLR and ¼" inputs, a dual-gang potentiometer for level adjustment along with a ten-segment LED meter for viewing. This is supplemented with a 180° polarity reverse switch that toggles the absolute phase, a gentle high-pass filter to eliminate excessive resonance, a -10dB pad and a 48V phantom power activation switch.

mPress and Exo-Pod Modular Press Box ($1,099.99 & $279.99)

Modular broadcast press box with two mic inputs, 48V phantom and overload limiter and eight built-in XLR outputs for mic level recorders. These can be switched for extra power to feed the Exo-Pod external distro boxes for over 100 simultaneous feeds. Fully isolated to eliminate noise.

Catapult Four-Channel Cat-5 Audio Snake ($139.99-229.99)

Lets the user send analogue and AES digital audio signals over standard cat-5 shielded twisted pair cable. With Catapult, system contractors can take advantage of pre-wired networks to connect one room to another and stage techs benefit from the relatively low cost of this abundantly available cable for return snakes or for transporting channels of balanced audio across a large stage.

BT-Pro Bluetooth Direct Box ($229.99)

Automatically pairs with Bluetooth transmissions from laptops, iPhones and tablets to enable wireless connection to a PA system via balanced outputs. A unique top-side antennae reduces interference allowing reception distances of 15 metres.

Shotgun 2×4 Guitar Signal Distro ($169.99)

A combination signal driver and isolator that lets the user feed four guitar amps in either mono or stereo, featuring two inputs with switching jack on input B to auto configure for stereo use, as well as transformer isolated outputs to eliminate ground loops.

JDX Direct Drive ($199.99)

A compact combination guitar amp emulator and direct box that allows the user to perform live or record without an amplifier – simply connect a guitar to the pedals and play. Offers three cabinet styles with ¼" out for monitors and XLR out for the PA system.