NAMM 2017: PMC launching new active reference monitors

PMC is announcing two additions to its Main Monitor range of active Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) loudspeakers for music creation and production at The 2017 NAMM Show.

The new MB3 and BB6 are ultra-high-resolution active monitors with digital and analogue inputs, designed for freestanding or soffit-mounted use in recording, mixing, mastering and outside broadcast applications, and available as single or twin-cabinet (XBD) versions.

Both models make use of extended low-frequency response, wide dynamic range, non-fatiguing sound and extreme tonal accuracy and consistency with the power of the proprietary Class-D amplification first unveiled on the QB1-A main studio monitor, and subsequently installed in renowned international facilities including Hollywood’s Capitol Studios.

Containing a precision-matched 34mm soft-dome tweeter and 75mm fabric mid-range driver coupled with the latest generation of the Radial low-frequency driver, the new models are built specifically for use with PMC’s ATL designs. The MB3 features a 12in and the BB6 a 15in Radial driver, exhibiting a flat response down to 20Hz and 17Hz respectively.

The LF drivers have been engineered with an exposed exoskeleton to dissipate unwanted heat, thereby eliminating the detrimental effects of power compression. Both are available as single-cabinet (MB3-A and BB6-A) and twin-cabinet (MB3 XBD-A and BB6 XBD-A) active versions. The latter provides what the company describes as an ultra-smooth in-room response and offers 3dB more headroom.

Dedicated centre-channel versions of the MB3 and BB6 are available for multi-channel systems, but subwoofers are not required, as the 20-60Hz sub-bass frequency range is already comprehensively covered. Instead, all the new systems incorporate dedicated ‘Point One’ inputs to accommodate the LFE channel from surround mixes, such as the effects channel in film soundtracks.

PMC’s Control 1200 and Power 2400 Class-D amplifiers partner the new loudspeakers’precision drivers, with each channel of the new MB3-A, MB3 XBD-A and BB6-A is powered by a single Control 1200 (supplying 275W of power to the high-frequency driver and 550W to the mid-range unit) and a Power 2400 unit, which, as its name suggests, supplies 2400W to the bass driver (and to the XBD unit on the MB3 XBD-A). The exception is the BB6 XBD-A, which has an additional Power 2400 dedicated exclusively to the 15in bass driver in the XBD cabinet for a total of 5625W of power per channel.

“All of our reference monitors have to satisfy these important criteria," explained Oliver Thomas, head of design at PMC. "They’re precision tools which are relied on in all analytical audio applications, and we truly believe that they allow everyone to work faster, better, and with complete confidence.”