NAMM 2017: Steinberg reinforces VST instrument offering

Steinberg has announced the forthcoming release of the HALion 6 VST sampler and sound creation system, along with the HALion Sonic 3 VST workstation and Absolute 3, a new collection of VST instruments.

The HALion sound design package is known for combining an ‘outstanding’ sampling engine with ‘the very latest in synthesis technology.’ Aimed at contemporary composers and sound designers, HALion 6 (suggested retail price: $349.99) delivers a detail-layered sound design environment that covers the full process of crafting custom instrument libraries.

The all-new wavetable synthesis engine offers a new approach to wavetable synthesis with ‘leading-edge’ editing and analysis tools, and any restrictions are lifted by the new sampling editor, which records, maps and plays sounds directly within the software. The new Macro Page Designer allows users to design customised user interfaces while the Library Creator is there to compile custom instruments in a convenient monolithic VST sound container. With HALion Script, users are now offered the possibility to program complex instrument behaviours and MIDI modules.

HALion Sonic is designed as a true alternative to heavyweight hardware workstations. 16 instrument slots alongside easily created keyboard splits and a dedicated performer mode make HALion Sonic an ideal tool for studio work and stage performances.

The HALion Sonic 3 VST workstation ($249.99) adds over 25 GB of high quality samples to the sound library with four new acoustic instruments, including strings, brass and two grand pianos, plus two new synthesis-heavy instruments making use of the new wavetable and granular synthesizers. The effects suite in v3 comes with an array of audio processors, such as the new three-band Resonator, Vintage Compressor and Tube Saturator, alongside the REVerence convolution reverb and VST Amp simulation. The user interface delivers straightforward access to the many parameters of instruments and effects available in HALion Sonic 3.

Absolute is an advanced Virtual Studio Technology (VST) instrument collection offering ten state-of-the-art instruments alongside thousands of presets and samples, and includes more than 80 GB of ‘first-class’ sounds. With HALion 6, Absolute 3 ($499.99) includes a powerful sampling and sound creation instrument used by discerning sound designers and producers around the globe. At its sides stand HALion Sonic 3, the Groove Agent 4 virtual drummer, The Grand 3 with multiple piano emulations and HALion Symphonic Orchestra, the granular synthesizer, Padshop Pro, and the classic virtual analogue synthesizer, Retrologue 2. Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk and Zero Gravity are readily available too.

Steinberg’s senior marketing manager, Matthias Quellmann, commented: “This is quite a package that we’re announcing at NAMM this year. HALion 6 offers endless inspiration for creating own instruments; HALion Sonic 3 covers all the content to produce at an industry level; and if that’s not enough there’s Absolute 3, celebrating the top-ten instruments found in our portfolio.”

Full versions of all three will be available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop on 9 February.

Users that have activated HALion 5, HALion Sonic 2 and Absolute 2 since 29 December 2016 are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 and Absolute 3, respectively.