NAMM 2018: Focal expands monitor range with Shape Twin

Focal is expanding its Shape professional powered monitor series today at the Winter NAMM show with the introduction of the Shape Twin.

This new series features two passive radiators, woofers equipped with a new Flax cone, and the latest ‘M’-shaped Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter.

Shape Twin is made in France, just like Shape 40, 50 and 65 and are expected to be available in April, 2018, US at $1,099 each.

Electronics & Settings: According to Focal,Class AB amplification was "the obvious" choice for these monitors in order to provide optimal control over the audio signal’s dynamic range. Both 5" (13cm) woofers are powered by a dedicated 80W amplifier channel, which ensures tonal balance however high the volume. As for the settings, particular attention has been paid to integration, regardless of the room’s acoustics. Shape Twin features a comb filter for high and low frequencies (HF: +/- 3dB from 4.5kHz; LF +/- 6dB above 250Hz).

Accessories & Installation: Shape Twin comes with four adjustable decoupling spikes. The height of the front and rear spikes can be adjusted to solve any problems which are sometimes encountered due to the monitors not being at the same height as the listener. The angle changes the height of the soundstage to best suit the height of the sound engineer.

New Tweeter: Focal has further improved its famous Aluminum/ Magnesium inverted dome tweeter by coming up with two significant mechanical innovations: the new ‘M’- shaped dome and the new suspension, like that used on the tweeters of the SM6 and SM9 lines.