NAMM 2021: Yamaha showcases MSP3A powered monitor speaker

Yamaha has expanded its pro audio portfolio with the launch of the new MSP3A powered monitor speaker, which it is showcasing as part of NAMM Believe In Music Week.

The new reference monitor is the first in the MSP3 series to include Yamah’s Twisted Flare Port technology and is designed to provide clearer and tighter low-end and there most accurate sound reproduction.

A built-in 22W power amplifier is optimised for the speaker unit, which consists of a 10 cm (4″) woofer and a 2.2 cm (.87″) tweeter. The cabinet weighs just 3.6 kilograms (7.9 pounds), has multiple input connectors and controls, and is compatible with a variety of optional brackets, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. These include audio and music monitoring in settings from small-scale studios to broadcast and post-production suites, as well as monitoring audio from digital musical instruments and ICT devices, and surround sound playback.

Yamaha’s Twisted Flare Port technology is an aerodynamic sound control technology, which the company uses to apply aerodynamic sound analysis and flow visualization measurement technologies to pinpoint and control noise generation mechanisms. Noise-generating air flow turbulence at both ends of the port is suppressed by changing how the port widens from input to output and adding a twist to it. The suppression of turbulence reduces muddiness in the sound and reduces the amount of noise generated at the port ends. This bolsters the connection between the sound and main speaker.

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