NAMM 2024: Kii Audio presents Kii SEVEN studio monitor speaker

Kii Audio introduces the Kii SEVEN at NAMM 2024 (25th to 28th January) at booth #15524. The Kii SEVEN uses the same technology as its bigger sibling, Kii THREE, creating a cardioid dispersion pattern in front of the speaker.

The reduced sound emission to the back leads to drastically reduced reflections in the room, mitigating acoustic challenges of the room and improving the sound image. The Kii SEVEN offers two modes to accommodate the requirements of different phases in audio production: in minimum-latency mode, roundtrip latency is reduced to a minimum to make software monitoring feasible, while minimum-phase mode achieves absolute accuracy for mixing and mastering.

The speaker offers connectivity via XLR, TRS, AES/EBU, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Dante, covering pretty much all setup scenarios. The Kii SEVEN is available in Fine Touch White and Fine Touch Dark Grey.

With its Kii THREE, Kii Audio has been turning heads in the audio world for years. At NAMM 2024, the manufacturer introduces the Kii SEVEN to the professional audio field at booth #15524 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The state of the art: Kii SEVEN

People familiar with the Kii THREE know that Kii Audio stands for studio monitoring of today. Like its bigger sibling, the Kii SEVEN employs DSP controls to align the drivers and create a listening experience, unlike any other brand. The Kii SEVEN features two 6.5-inch woofers, a 5-inch midrange driver, and a 1-inch tweeter with a custom waveguide, all driven by a total of 600 Watts of amplification. While the base frequency response is remarkably flat with +/-0.5 dB between 100 Hz and 10 kHz, +/-1dB from 10 to 20 kHz, and -3dB down at 40 Hz, it can be tweaked to pronounce bass or treble levels to taste. Depending on the production phase, the Kii SEVEN offers two modes: minimum phase or minimum latency. Software monitoring is required during recording, and minimum-latency mode allows for playback with virtually no delay. When latency is not an issue in mixdown, the minimum-phase mode presents audio with outstanding accuracy, making mix decisions easy and reliable.​

Eliminate the room: Kii Audio cardioid point-source technology

A speaker system can only be as good as the room it is in – unless it’s a Kii Audio system. Like the Kii THREE, the Kii SEVEN uses sophisticated DSP calculations to create a cardioid sound dispersion into the room. The speakers do not distribute sound to the back, leading to much lower room response and, hence, a clearer playback quality. The room plays a much smaller role with this cardioid point-source pattern, as it triggers fewer reflections from walls and corners. Even in studios with challenging acoustics, the Kii SEVEN can create a reliable, consistent sound field, which is crucial for professional applications.

Flexible connectivity for seamless integration

The Kii SEVEN integrates well into any room due to its cardioid dispersion pattern, and it integrates well into any setup due to its flexible connectivity. The studio monitor speaker features analog XLR, TRS inputs, and AES/EBU connectors for digital signals. And there is more: while consumer-level devices can be connected wirelessly through Apple Airplay and Bluetooth, professional audio environments can also address the Kii SEVEN via Dante – perfect for integration in large-scale setups across multiple rooms or even buildings, but also particularly easy to set up and manage for studios of all sizes. Kii Control can act as a monitor controller, and multiple Kii SEVEN and Kii THREE can be connected for big listening setups, especially for immersive monitoring in Dolby Atmos.

Experience Kii SEVEN at NAMM 2024

Kii Audio will introduce the professional audio world to the Kii SEVEN at NAMM 2024 from 25th to 28th January at Anaheim Convention Center, booth #15524.

Prices and availability

The Kii SEVEN is available in Fine Touch White and Fine Touch Dark Grey. Roll out starts in March 2024. The MSRP (including VAT) is 3,795.00 EUR / 3,495.00 GBP / 3,895.00 USD.