NAMM 2024: PSI Audio to showcase Swiss precision studio monitors and active bass traps

The world’s most famous show for the MI industry is back to its usual time slot in January, and PSI Audio will be back the NAMM show to showcase the outstanding solutions from Switzerland.

PSI Audio has long been known for its exceptional speakers. Even back when the company was still developing speakers for the Studer brand, the products were recognized for their uncompromising commitment to absolute sonic fidelity. Achieving clarity and precision in fully analogue music playback systems for professional applications has remained the Swiss manufacturer’s mission, and the means have been refined and redesigned over the years. Today, PSI Audio offers large three-way speakers with a rotatable baffle for horizontal or vertical use like the A25-M; mid-sized high-precision nearfield monitors like the A21-M; and impressive compact monitors like the A14-M. Floor-standing speakers like the A215-M, a centre-speaker solution A214-M, and two subwoofers A125-M and A225-M complete the speaker portfolio.

The AVAA system

The deep knowledge of speakers, membranes, and their behaviour in an acoustic space has further led to one of the most innovative developments from PSI Audio, or in the industry: the Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber, or AVAA for short. Functioning as an acoustic hole in the wall, the initial AVAA C20 has improved studio spaces – and entirely non-musical places like boiler rooms – by eliminating resonant low frequencies from the room. The recently added AVAA C214 employs the same concept in a more compact, DSP-driven form, mainly for home audio use. Both iterations of the AVAA are equally stunning: room modes simply disappear, clearing up the acoustic impression of a room, especially in the time domain. An AVAA system can replace passive acoustic material up to 45 times its size, and it works for the entire room, not just a small sweet spot. At NAMM, PSI Audio will be able to demonstrate the system’s efficiency with a special demo box.

Proprietary technology for absolute fidelity

While the AVAA is possibly the most prominent innovation from PSI Audio, it is far from the only one. A number of clever designs ensure the outstanding fidelity of every PSI Audio speaker. CPR (Compensated Phase Response) aligns the different drivers in the time domain, making sure every part of the spectrum reaches the ear in phase with every other part. AOI (Adaptive Output Impedance) constantly monitors the movement of the membrane and feeds this information back into the amplifier to optimize transients and accuracy. PSI Audio even creates proprietary drivers like the Extended Dome Driver (EXD) that combines the strengths of dome and cone constructions while mitigating its respective weaknesses. All these innovations make sure that working with PSI Audio speakers is unparalleled – it’s the real thing.