NDR employs Junger Audio for Eurovision Song Contest

Junger Audio’s T*AP television audio processor was used to mix stereo and 5.1 surround sound from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest for German public broadcaster NDR.

Traditionally, the national public broadcaster of the country hosting the competition is responsible for the broadcast. This year, however, the task fell to NDR, which handled the production in close cooperation with the EBU and over 40 participating Member Broadcasters from across the continent.

NDR is a public radio and television broadcaster and is also a member of the ARD consortium. Ulli Fricke, sound engineer for NDR and head of sound at the Eurovision Song Contest, said that four Junger TA*P processors were used for the international broadcast. Two were deployed for the music mix and two for the final mix.

Fricke commented: “We created separate but simultaneous mixes for stereo and 5.1 surround sound, and we also had a full ‘hot’ backup system.”

Prior to the event, Junger Audio worked with NDR’s technical team to make sure that the TA*P units delivered exactly what was required. Managing director of Junger Audio Peter Poers, added: “NDR has used Junger Audio’s dynamics control units for many years and has always been happy with their audio processing performance. On this occasion, NDR came to us with a special request – for surround dynamics processing in combination with sophoisticated loudness control. This was something we had not tackled before but we rose to the challenge and were able to meet their request by making some customisations to our new flagship TA*P television audio processor. It was a success story for all those who participated.”