NEP Ireland standardises five main OB vans with Calrec Artemis consoles

NEP Ireland has now standardised its five main OB vans on Calrec with the recent purchase of two Calrec Artemis consoles. The company has acquired an Artemis Light and Artemis Beam for its Emerald and HD1 mobile production units, respectively.

Said Rick Poster, senior audio engineer at OBSTV/NEP Ireland: “About four years ago we purchased an Artemis for one of our UK-based trucks, and since then we haven’t looked back. Calrec has a very large market share in the UK, and many of the freelancers we work with really weren’t familiar with our older consoles, but they knew Calrec.

"Plus, the company has moved forward quite strongly with the development of its Artemis console, and because we began using that product at the beginning of its lifecycle, we’ve been able to develop along with it and take advantage of better monitoring, including loudness monitoring, which is excellent. The I/O frames are easily configurable as well, and overall the Artemis is a great package for its size and price,” he said.

Jim Green, international sales manager for Calrec added: “One of the things we’ve learned over the years is that a combination of innovative and reliable consoles with a strong support system and quick setup time is the key to keeping our customers happy. We’re so pleased that NEP Ireland is harnessing the power of the Artemis console to keep its trucks modern and up to date.”