Netflix head of music Dominic Houston to deliver keynote speech at  Production Music Conference in Hollywood

The Production Music Association the leading advocacy group for the $1-billion a year global production music industry, has announced that Dominic Houston, Head of the Music Team at Netflix, will be the business keynote speaker during its 5th annual Production Music Conference (PMC), to be held 26-28 September at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood, CA. 

Renowned film composer Tyler Bates (Deadpool 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, John Wick), will be the creative keynote speaker for this year’s Production Music Conference. 

Bates will be interviewed by leading film and TV music journalist Jon Burlingame on 27 September at 10:45 am.

During his keynote talk, Dominic Houston, who is based in London and is also a frequent visitor to Los Angeles, will discuss how production music is incorporated into over-the-top (OTT) content, the latest music industry trends and their relationship to production music, and other related music topics.

“Dominic will be a fantastic keynote speaker for our attendees,” said Adam Taylor, chairman of The Production Music Association. 

“Netflix has been re-defining the world’s entertainment industry paradigm and the Netflix Music Team is spearheading and innovating every conceivable element of securing music for series, specials and movies, on a global scale. We are delighted Dominic has agreed to appear during this year’s conference.” 

PMC Schedule:

In addition, The PMA has also announced the schedule for its 2018 conference. Among the highlight sessions:

27 September:

** Women in Production Music: Styles, Strategies and Survival – with Christy Carew, Cassie Lord, Karen Falzone, Mamie Coleman and Alicen Schneider

** Composer All-Stars: How to Score Big in Production Music – with Dan Brown, Jr., Brad Segal, Jason Moss, Lindsay Tomasic, Devin Powers, and Robert Anthony Navarro

** Battle of the Music Directors – with Alan Lazar, Maggie Phillips, Jason Market, Ieva Berberian, Mark Rome and Belinda Robles

** Interview with John Josephson with SESAC – hosted by Joel Goodman

** Interview with Sam Trust, the PMA’s 2018 Mark Awards Hall of Fame recipient – hosted by Randy Wachtler.

28 September:

** Production Music in Asia – with Jonny Thompson, Ludan Bone, Andrew Jones, Ron Mendelsohn and Jae Kim

** The State of Audio Recognition and Monitoring Technology: What Every Publisher and Composer Should Know – with Adam Taylor, Hunter Williams, Iñigo Ugarteburu, Paul Sims and Shane Sanders.

** AI Generated Music: How will this Impact Music Creators and Publishers? – with Andrew Gross, Drew Silverstein and Mick Kiely

** International Sub-Publisher Meeting

** Metadata Matters – a workshop hosted by Marina Garza and Dan Korobkin

** Advertising Music: How to Compete, Survive and Thrive – with David Grow, Randy Wachtler, Celestina Lucero and Sam Walsh