Neumann introduces first automatic acoustic calibration tool

Neumann has released its first automatic monitor alignment tool in the form of the MA 1, developed jointly with audio signal processing specialist Fraunhofer IIS.

Designed specifically for Neumann studio monitors, the MA1 is an integrated hard/software tool for acoustic calibration and room correction. 

The MA 1 features an individually calibrated Neumann measurement microphone and corresponding software for Mac and PC.

“The Neumann studio monitor portfolio is experiencing an enormous increase in demand; in some cases more than 60 per cent compared to the previous year,” explained Ralf Oehl, CEO of Neumann.Berlin. “According to user feedback, one of the main reasons is that our monitors have the highest acoustic consistency on the market; i.e. different models deliver identical mixing results in varying listening environments. This is of crucial importance, especially when different decentralised monitoring processes are involved. To further perfect this advantage for our customers, automatic room correction is the next logical step.

“Together with our partner, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS), we want to create our own absolute reference for room correction in studio monitors, regardless of whether it is for small home studios or large control rooms of the highest professional standards.”

Neumann’s Automatic Monitor Alignment is available for all DSP-controlled stereo systems of the KH line.

“It is an integrated system; all components are perfectly matched,” added portfolio manager, Markus Wolff. “This enables us to make much more accurate adjustments than third-party solutions, since only we have a deeper knowledge of all system-inherent parameters of our monitors and can take them into account accordingly. In addition, the Automatic Monitor Alignment uses novel calibration algorithms that generate a room-adaptive target curve and make precise adjustments to correct the respective acoustic problem. Depending on your preferences, the target curve can be further adjusted manually to meet individual requirements.”

The software contained in the MA 1 package is available for macOS and Windows 10. The MSRP of the MA 1 package including a Neumann measuring microphone is €249,00 EUR.