The Village Studios New Neve Room

Neve console powering revamped Village Studios space for T Bone Burnett, Mike Piersante & Zach Dawes

Continuing its long allegiance to Neve technology, Village Studios in west LA has installed a Neve Genesys Black GB96 console at the heart of its new studio space. 

The 52-year-old facility recently converted one of its private production suites into a new studio for T Bone Burnett, Mike Piersante and Zach Dawes.

The massive Genesys Black console at the heart of the new studio is one of the largest to be installed anywhere in the world and features 64 faders and 48 analogue channel strips, mixing 32 channels of vintage 1084 Neve EQ with 16 channels of contemporary 88R-style 4-band EQ.

Village Studios owner Jeff Greenberg said: “It is a fantastic compromise between old and new ways of recording because it delivers the great analogue sound of Neve, while easily enabling modern hybrid workflows. It is also a perfect complement to the Neve consoles we already own, which include our much loved vintage 8048 in Studio A and two Neve 88R consoles with full Mix Recall in Studios B and D.”

Mike Piersante at The Village Studios
Mike Piersante at The Village Studios

Housed in a former Masonic temple from the 1920s, Village Studios has hosted a wide range of recording artists over the years, from Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and The Doors, to Elton John, Diana Ross, Lady Gaga, and Dr Dre.

As well as four main commercial studios, the facility also has a large auditorium and the Moroccan Room, which was formerly the old Masonic Meeting Room, which are both used as live and concert spaces.

Speaking about the newly revamped studio space, Studio Manager Tina Morris said: “We spruced it up with new acoustic treatment advised by George Augsberger and, of course, the new Genesys Black console. It is a dual purpose room for mixing and recording, and we have added tie lies to the Moroccan Room so that it can serve as a control room for that multipurpose room when it is available. This is ideal because it is literally right next door to the Moroccan Room and having the analogue aspect of the Genesys Black console, as well as it’s integration with Pro Tools, is a great addition to the facility.”

The specification of the new studio was very much a joint effort between Morris and Mike Piersante.

“Right from the beginning, my thinking was to have a console with vintage qualities but also one that would bring the room and the Village a step into the future,” said Piersante. “The Genesys was always my first choice for this particular space.”

Piersante has also added to the equipment list by bringing in a vast array of vintage and modern outboard equipment from the likes of Neve, Manley, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Teletronics, Alan Smart, GML, API, Retro Industries and Altec. The studio has also been set up to handle Dolby Atmos mixing, with a monitoring system that delivers full immersive audio.

The Neve Genesys Black console was also recently chosen for Audio Engineers of Detroit‘s new recording studio in Motor City.

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