New audio equipment rental marketplace launching early 2015

Recording and mix engineer Stephen Bartlett will launch a new peer-to-peer rental marketplace and community for audio gear users in the new year.

The Audio Hunt will allow professionals and semi-pros to hire gear as and when they need it, as well as monetise the kit they own.

There are three parts to the service:

Rent It In
The Audio Hunt offers a long list of instruments and audio gear available to choose from. Users can instantly see item reviews, location, availability and can contact the owner directly for more information.

Hire It Out
Registered users can list any instrument or audio production gear they own to rent it out to other users. They can upload pictures, product descriptions and other useful information such as audio clips of the gear in action. Users define the rental rate, deposit, and any specific conditions beforehand.

Sell Your Sound
For users who can’t spare their gear or instruments for rental they can advertise it on The Audio Hunt and allow users to send their audio or MIDI files for processing.

“It’s an old cliché that the industry ‘ain’t what it used to be’. Making music has never been more accessible and we’re making more of it than ever before, yet we also know that budgets are being spread thinner and thinner to accommodate the sheer amount of output," said Bartlett (pictured), who is based at Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands.

“There needs to be a better way of accessing the kit that engineers and artists require to produce quality material, whilst also supporting the same hard-working community. That’s where The Audio Hunt idea came from. Choose whether you want to hire it in rather than make another purchase, or rent out your gear which just isn’t getting used any more. Most importantly, you can choose the rates and conditions that suit you. Simple.”

Already receiving support and encouragement from top engineers such as Cenzo Townshend and Ronald Prent, The Audio Hunt promises to bring "a refreshing and much-needed approach to acquiring gear for artists, engineers and studios around the world."

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