New Brazilian dealer for API 1608

Visom Digital in Brazil has joined the list of worldwide authorised API 1608 dealers.

Although the console is new to the company, Visom began carrying the API product line back in 2012. “After their obvious success with API module products, it was logical that Visom now take on representation of the 1608,” stated Gordon Smart, API’s managing director.

Situated in Rio de Janeiro, Visom Digital is a working studio, audio technology development centre, and audio equipment dealer specialising in high-quality sound recording. “We only sell what we use and this makes all the difference in credibility for our people,” commented Visom owner Carlos de Andrade.

With a broad array of clients, the firm caters for everything from independent and major recording studios to TV and radio stations. “As an engineer I have always used API, as a salesman I believe in the product, and as a businessman it’s just a good seller,” said de Andrade of the API product line.

"For most distributors a line like API is a gem to be catered to with great consideration of its tradition. For Visom, API is not a brand. It is a passion and a bit of our history. We will not just sell API. We will evangelise and educate our clients on the ownership of an important part of professional audio.”

API products are available in the UK through HHB Communications.

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