New Convology Vintage Reverbs for PreSonus Studio One

PreSonus has released a Convology Vintage Reverbs library for Studio One 3, the latest in a series of add-on products that enhance the company’s popular DAW.

Formatted to work with Studio One 3 Professional’s Open AIR convolution reverb, the 36 reverb effects have been modelled from many hard-to-find plate reverbs, spring reverbs, and digital reverb processors.

The Vintage Reverbs library combines three collections, which are also available individually: Vintage Digital Reverbs, Vintage Plate Reverbs, and Vintage Spring Reverbs. All sounds were sampled at 24-bit, 96 kHz resolution.

The Convology Vintage Digital Reverbs collection conjures the sounds of early 1980s EMT digital reverbs, some of which are quite rare.

A great deal of audio engineering science went into elements in the EMT 245, such as how far or close together the reflections needed to be in order to emulate different rooms, halls, and so on. The EMT 248 was loaded with presets and adjustable algorithms including Baroque Church, Cathedral, Romanesque Church with numerous size rooms, halls, stairwells, bathrooms, and even a preset called “Tiny Room.”

Convology’s Vintage Plate Reverb collection covers such classics as the Ecoplate, EMT 140 and 240, and Lawson Plate Reverb.

The EMT 240 provides a darker sound, while the EMT 140 tends to be warm, replicating the sound of a concert hall—but with a bit of EQ, the 140 can readily replicate a dark, bright, or warm sounding room. The Ecoplate is brighter and a little more metallic sounding, whereas the Lawson Plate tends to be bright, with a bump in the lower mids.

The Convology Vintage Spring Reverbs collection brings back the sound of 26 famous spring reverbs, sampled in England, Scotland, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the USA.

Many reverbs sampled in this add-on have been used by major recording artists, including tube spring reverbs used by The Rascals, Van Morrison, and James Brown (“It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”). The collection supplies a variety of spring reverbs, including boingy springs suitable for vintage guitar, lead vocal, and organ and lush, warm-sounding springs that can nearly sound like a plate when light tremor and flutter of the spring occurs.

Convology Vintage Digital Reverbs is available immediately for $29.95 US, Vintage Plate Reverbs for $34.95, and Vintage Spring Reverbs for $39.95—or all three can be bought for $79.95 US.

The Convology Vintage Reverbs add-on library requires Studio One 3 Professional 3.2.2. Studio One 3 customers can browse and purchase add-ons from within the Studio One Browser.