New digital live events marketplace Prozaar goes live

Prozaar, a new digital B2B marketplace for the live events and broadcast production industries, is now publicly available.

The new platform is designed to simplify trading and serve as a common marketplace to provide easy access to equipment, crew, and services. Prozaar claims its can save users up to 30 per cent on productions costs and offer a 70 per cent workload reduction for users when purchasing equipment and services.

“Whether you’re managing a major production or a small event, Prozaar will guide you through the technical jungle and connect you with the right suppliers and professionals,” said company founder and manager Girts Pütelis.

Prozaar´s default library and custom user libraries have been built to allow users to request any type of article (whether a rental item, sales item, location, service, or human resource) with a few clicks, while suppliers and freelancers can browse requests and immediately respond with offers without leaving the platform.

“Most of the development time and budget was spent designing a workflow suited for our very unique industry,” said Pütelis. “Our industry is heavily dependent on cross-trading activities and freelance market. Those were the two main sectors we tried to facilitate with our main functions.” 

“Prozaar was initially designed as a cross-trading platform for equipment suppliers. Due to the difficulties posed by the pandemic, we’ve widened the usability for basically any member in the supply chain of the professional AV industry. With the current functionalities offered, we can´t see any restrictions to any industry sectors and we genuinely hope this will help businesses widen their business network and survive current crises.”

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Pütelis came up with the initial idea while working as account manager at LiteCom Group, where he worked on a number of high profile events.

“We were supplying multiple major productions as a small organisation with relatively limited in-house resources,” he said. “We concluded that, with the access to the right vendors, anyone with the right experience should be capable of supplying major productions, so I decided to transfer this business model into a digital tool. 

Prozaar is offering limited amount of free memberships during the pandemic. There are no special requirements and membership can be obtained via the subscription form at

“We will do our best to help those who have remaining business and those who have potential to survive to be prepared for rapid growth as soon as lockdowns and restrictions are revoked,” Pütelis concluded.