New EVID ceiling speakers from EV

Electro-Voice (EV) has launched a new range of EVID (EV Innovative Design) premium ceiling speaker systems.

The PC6.2 (6.5” two-way) and PC8.2 (8” two-way) models were designed to be "the most advanced ceiling speakers available today, with superior performance across every detail."

Each self-contained unit features a dedicated EV-engineered true compression driver built for enhanced high-frequency performance and coverage control in comparison to the manufacturer’s current EVID ceiling speaker offerings. Simplified wiring and new mounting designs allow for quicker installation into a wide range of ceiling cavities and construction formats, the company says.

Both new speakers provide increased power handling (100W), higher output (115 dB/116 dB), and wider coverage angles (120/105 degrees), as well as user-friendly installation and low-profile looks, complementing the range as new high-end options.

They are ideally suited for background music applications and distributed audio in retail spaces, restaurants, theatre and stadium concourses, as well as shopping malls.

Key features:

• High-performance high-frequency compression HF driver. Ultra-wide high-frequency dispersion designed to provide even coverage through a room
• High-excursion woofer provides "dramatic" low-end frequency extension. Reinforced steel back and rigid enclosure helps minimise acoustic loss
• Four-point clamp mechanism and integrated mounting legs enable quick installation
• Detachable pass-thru Phoenix-style signal connections simplify installation wiring. Tap selector with 8Ω/70V/100V operation
• Reinforced ABS UL-rated baffle ensures long life. Fully compliant with UL 1480 and 2043 standards