New firmware upgrade for Sony DWX wireless series

Sony has rolled out its latest firmware upgrade for its DWX wireless series for improved location audio recording.

By using the dedicated DWA-SLAU1 adaptor with the DWR-S03D, audio engineers can benefit from the audio quality of the DWX series using the UniSlot or SuperSlot interface. This compatibility offers a wideband digital audio solution for location sound recording for film, TV and documentaries.

Working in collaboration with Sound Devices and AATON Digital, the firmware update of the DWR-S03D receiver and their mixer-recorders is designed to enable direct audio transmission between both devices, as well as scan and setting frequencies of Sony wireless system from their mixer-recorder.

This free v1.10 firmware upgrade, which includes direct frequency input function and digital or analogue audio output settings when the DWA-SLAU1 is attached, means existing DWX Series owners can expand the use of their equipment into new applications. 

 In addition to the X-Dimension DiversityTM reception system and high dynamic range RF circuit for, the DWX Series provides a choice of codec modes depending on the user’s application. With a wide choice of transmitter options, including rechargeable micro belt pack, interchangeable head handheld microphone and +48v phantom power plug-on, all options are covered. Furthermore, in the era of social distancing, it is possible to monitor the status of the wireless system and controlling settings of the receiver and transmitter from the mixer using CrossRemote. 

The update is available now.

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