New Milan studio opts for API 1608

A new studio in Italy now offers a 16-channel API 1608 console as its main attraction.

Located in Milan, INDIEHUB is a ‘co-working’ facility with a primary focus on creating music. Engineers, producers and musicians can rent space using either their own equipment or the supplied gear, as well as the new 1608 – the first to be installed in the city.

“Before starting INDIEHUB, I’d been working for ten years as an audio engineer, specialising in post-production for advertising jingles. Three years ago, a customer took me to a co-working facility for a job,” said owner Andrea Dolcino. “So I decided to start the first co-working facility dedicated to music production.”

When it came time to choosing a console, INDIEHUB worked with Paolo Orizio of Funky Junk in Italy. The API 1608 turned out to be the clear choice.

“For our budget, the 1608 was the only console with a strong personality and a comfortable and modern routing,” Dolcino continued. “It’s modern and vintage at the same time. The routing is perfect for HD recording and the 1608 preamplifiers are really attractive, especially for their response to the bass frequencies. For that money, it’s the best choice.”

The INDIEHUB facility invites clients to rent space for as little or as long as they like and can also host concerts and showcases. “We are excited to spread our wings in Italy,” added Mark Seman, API sales. “This is a great endeavour for both API and INDIEHUB.”

Picture (from left): Andrea Dolcino and resident audio engineer Gabriele Simoni.

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