New QSC Q-Sys Enterprise Cores coming this Spring

QSC has revealed that its next generation Q-Sys Enterprise Cores will be released in late Spring.

With double the processing capabilities of the previous models (Core 1000 and Core 3000), Core 1100 will offer up to 256x Q-LAN network audio Flex-channels, and the Core 3100 will deliver up to 512×512 fixed Q-LAN network audio channels.

“These next-generation server cores are uniquely suited to manage the extensive audio processing needs in larger deployments such as convention centres, entertainment venues, hospitality settings and transportation facilities,” said QSC install DSP product manager TJ Adams.

The company has also announced that a new software update, Q-Sys Designer 4.0, is coming out in early Spring to support both new and existing Q-Sys Cores. Q-Sys Designer 4.0 is packed with new software features such as Core-to-Core paging, which enables individual cores to seamlessly transmit messages across a campus-wide installation; Timeline Playback; and a Dynamic Threshold Auto-mixer.

The update will also include greater Scripting capabilities, and enhancements to current Q-Sys features like the Notch Feedback Controller, Scheduler, Acoustic Echo Canceller, I/O Monitor and Audio Playback, which have been augmented to include Fast-Forward, Rewind and Synchronisation to LTC and GPS.

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