New remote drum track service introduced

Plusdrums, a new ‘remote drum session’ service has been launched, offering a simple and affordable way to drop live acoustic drum tracks in to any musical project.

Founded by former Tech Music School students Nick and Rob Baker, Plusdrums is a bespoke drum recording operation that lets artists, singer-songwriters, producers, record labels and aspiring musicians from around the world to purchase digital audio files, which can be dropped and mixed in to any project, totally royalty free.

Plusdrums allows its customers to manage projects remotely, from home or an office/studio, resulting in lower costs and shorter lead times. Users can simply upload their brief, along with their music, and let the dedicated team handle the rest. The digital multi-track files can be downloaded once the client is satisfied and payment has been received.

“With the advances in technology, a lot of session musicians now have the luxury of working remotely” commented Rob Baker. “It is common to see collaborations taking place between two parties from other sides of the globe and that’s where we see Plusdrums in the long term. Our focus is very much on maintaining clear and open communication channels with our clients, so we can deliver the highest quality bespoke drum tracks in the quickest time, no matter where they are based.”

As well as high-end hardware and a purpose-built studio, Plusdrums offers a dedicated team of pro musicians (in-house and freelance) and "sound engineers capable of executing any brief, genre or request from a three-minute rock track to a 12-minute orchestral film score."

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