New Void Acoustics installation at Florida nightclub and restaurant 

In early December 2021, after a project taking well over two and a half years The Angeles nightclub and Holly Blue restaurant in Fort Lauderdale Florida USA opened their doors. US based hospitality and venue operator David Cardaci led the project and had the vision, ambition and experience in the sector to turn a 125-year-old church into a modern restaurant and nightclub.

Void Acoustics have provided the audio systems throughout the three spaces in the venue – serving the individual requirements of the restaurant ‘Holly Blue’; the VIP ‘Marvin’s Room’ and the main nightclub ‘The Angeles’ which boasts a fully-fledged custom Void Incubus system.

The Angeles nightclub is the centrepiece of the three venues covering approximately 6,000 square foot. It is within this two-floor club space where club-goers will experience the Void Acoustics’ flagship Incubus system.

At the base of the Incubus are the Incubus Subs with hybrid horns covering the sub bass octaves and covering 20 Hz to 65 Hz. Sitting on top of the Incubus Subs are Hyperfold Subs – optimising the punchy fast bass octaves. At the top are the Incubus Top – the Air Arrays covering mid-bass, mid-range and high-frequency, all of which are custom painted.

Additional fill in The Angeles is supplied by the Stasys 118, Venu 115 V2 and Venu 215 V2 subwoofers, as well as carefully positioned Air Motion speakers with their iconic styling and incredible performance capabilities to ensure full audio coverage throughout the room. As is possible with Void Acoustics products, the system components were all custom coloured along with the Incubus.

Ensuring the DJ experiences the audio quality of the Void system as well as the club-goers, monitoring is handled by two Air Vantages paired with barewood Venu 215 subwoofers and the overall system of The Angeles is supported by the powerful Bias Q5 amplifiers alongside the Bias Q2 amplifier.

The main restaurant ‘Holly Blue’ has indoor and outdoor space. Using the weather protected IP-55 rated Cyclone 8 and Cyclone Bass meant the audio design could be replicated on the outside veranda as well as inside, providing seamless sound and design throughout the restaurant. Supported by Indigo 6S, Indigo 6 Pro and Indigo Subs alongside Cirrus 6.1 ceiling speakers, Holly Blue’s audio system was integrated with the Bias Q1 energy-saving and low carbon footprint amplifier.

Marvin’s Room is a small cocktail lounge, clad with wood ceilings, walls and floor. The Void system in this room includes the sculpted Indigo 6 Pro speakers – a higher power version of the Indigo 6S.  Complemented by the Indigo Sub speakers and operating with the Bias Q1 amplifier, this system serves the small, bar lounge environment of Marvin’s Room.

David couldn’t be more pleased with the final audio outcome.  “Our club-goers at The Angeles have not only told us they can hear the difference…they can ‘feel’ the difference.”

Images copyright ©Max Riehn, Maxson Media LLC