Nexo reveals ultra-small ID4 point source loudspeaker

French loudspeaker specialist Nexo has introduced its smallest ever point source loudspeaker, the ID4. The diminutive 127mm polyurethane enclosure weighs just 1.7kg, and adopts a dual concentric design featuring a coaxial 101mm LF driver with 33m voice coil, and a 35mm diaphragm for high frequencies.  

Available in black, white or any RAL colour, Nexo suggests it can solve architectural challenges in historic buildings, houses of worship, airports, hotels and the hospitality industry.  The ID14 is also expected to prove popular for surround sound and FX applications, where it can provide immersive audio in complex environments.

The ID14 is offered with two directivity options: a 100°x100° horn as standard, with an asymmetric alternative offering 90°x140° dispersion. It can be used standalone or as part of a distributed system, for front fill, infill or delays.

There are two versions of the ID14, which share the same acoustic components.  The Installation version features an acoustic fabric fitted front grille, with a cable gland with 2-core cable for audio input, offering IP55 protection.  The Touring version uses a Magnelisâ steel grille, and the back plate holds two Speakonâ connectors.

The partnering ID S108 is a purpose-designed companion sub-bass cabinet for the ID14, and forms part of a 3-way system, ideal for small clubs and bars. Using a high efficiency bass-reflex design, the ID S108 features a long excursion 203mm Neodymium driver, tuned to match the frequency response of the ID14. 

Accessories include a dedicated U bracket, but it can also be installed on a microphone stand.  On the rear of the speaker, two M6 inserts (73mm pitch) are ready for the Nexo accessories for wall-mount applications.  Because ID14 has a fully symmetric design, there are no left or right versions: every unit in rental inventory can be the same.