Nick Bassani trusts JBL LSR308 monitors

Patchwerk Recording Studios’ tracking engineer Nick Bassani relies on Harman’s JBL LSR308 powered studio monitors as the solution to the need for bass-accurate near-field monitors.

“Accuracy and clarity tend to be expensive – but not in the case of the LSR308,” said Bassani. “They’re not boomy or exaggerated in the bass, yet have more low-end response along with far better high-frequency extension – all the way up to 24kHz – than any other near-field I’ve used.

“The LSR308’s wider frequency response and clarity and ability to let me hear into the mix at lower volumes has caused me to make huge improvements in my overall mixing technique. Thanks to the exceptional definition of the woofer and tweeter and the accurate on-and off- axis coverage pattern of the waveguide, the stereo image is deep and wide and the clarity is phenomenal. I can hear reverbs and delays extremely well.”

“During a project, we were tracking in a studio that had a nice vocal booth but the control room was not the best. We replaced the existing control room speakers with a pair of LSR308 monitors and I noticed an instant improvement in the transferability of my rough mixes between the studio, my home, and another professional studio where I work.”

Bassani installed the LSR308 at the Atlanta recording and mastering facility’s Studio 9000 (one of Patchwerk’s main tracking and mixing rooms).