Nils Frahm takes Stage Tec AURUS Platinum on world tour

Composer, producer and performer Nils Frahm kicked off a two-year tour of the world at the Funkhaus Berlin at the middle of January, selecting a Stage Tec  AURUS Platinum console for FOH duties.

The AURUS platinum has 32 faders and is integrated into a NEXUS network with three basic devices. The four DSP modules RMDQ in the NEXUS STAR router are used to implement configurations with 90 input channels and 60 busses.

Frahm, who plays piano and keyboard, makes electronic music between techno and classical with synthesisers, amplifiers, mixers and pianos. For the soundtrack to the film "Victoria" he won the 2015 German Film Award for the best film music.

"So far, I have only used analogue technology for my performances, not only because it avoids latency, because I was convinced that it sounds better than digital systems. Then I heard StageTec’s TrueMatch microphone converter and could not believe it was a digital converter. The latency is not noticeable and the sound quality is above all doubt,” said Frahm. "Since I use Stage Tec live, I get a lot of compliments to the sound quality and my performance is essentially improved. A future without Stage Tec I can no longer imagine in my team.”

At the end of January, the seventh studio album "All Melody“ by Nils Frahm was released. It was created in the Berlin Funkhaus, where the Berlin resident has his studio. The landmark radio station in Nalepastrasse was until 1990 the broadcaster of the GDR. The surviving music recording studios and the large broadcasting hall are now world famous for their acoustics, and often welcome orchestras, big music labels and famous groups.

Nils Frahm gave the first four concerts of his tour at the Funkhaus, with upcoming gigs in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Scandinavia, Great Britain, the USA, Canada and Japan.