Norway’s top universities equipped with Symetrix Solus processors

Symetrix Solus and Radius 12×8 processors have been installed at two leading centres of higher education in Trondheim, Norway.

The devices were chosen by Atea, a provider of integration services to the colleges for several years now.

With offices across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, Atea is a major player in IT and AV installation, and in the last year has worked extensively with the SymNet Solus 16 open architecture standalone DSP and SymNet Radius 12×8 open architecture scalable DSP with support for Audinate’s Dante media networking technology.

“Generally speaking, the Radius 12×8 and Solus DSPs offer the processing power and versatility required for academic-type installations,” said André Dominic Schorr, AV senior consultant/programmer at Atea. “In most cases, we are talking about general purpose lecture room audio, streaming and sharing of content, and flexible routing to and from different lecture halls and teaching spaces. The Radius 12×8 and Solus 16 are entirely capable of handling such tasks, but there is no doubt that Dante networking affords even greater flexibility, so the level of interest in those solutions is definitely on the rise.”

Atea’s most recent project at the two universities involved the addition of multiple 16-in, 8-out Solus processors. “One of the really great aspects for this type of project is that with Solus you have a library of design templates that provides a solid basis for most problems encountered in typical university installations,” Schorr revealed.

“I come from a live sound background, and it seems to me that Solus’ design makes life incredibly straightforward for all types of engineers – it really is very easy to get to grips with. I have never experienced a system failure, which is precisely what you need when dealing with high-volume projects like these.”

In both schools, the Symetrix processors have been fully integrated with equipment such as numerous RCF and Focal speakers, Sennheiser wireless mics and wired microphones from Audix.

Schorr concluded: “In our current and next phase of work, we are upgrading some auditoria and lecture halls that have not received significant attention for as long as 10 or 15 years. With the Symetrix DSPs we are confident that we have the tool to take these rooms forward confidently into a new era of technological ease and versatility.”

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