Norwegian installation specialist opts for VUE Audiotechnik systems

Norwegian AV and installation specialist avon deployed a range of VUE Audiotechnik compact speaker systems for several challenging audio projects recently.

Established in 2007, avon has built a reputation for successfully tackling jobs with varying degrees of size and complexity. So when it came time to trying out the new systems from VUE Audiotechnik, avon’s co-founder Edgar Vaan Lien was hoping to find a versatile solution for his increasingly diverse clients.

"With such a broad customer base, it’s important that we stay apprised of new technologies," Lien explained. "We’d been following VUE since first hearing about them at ProLight & Sound. I was very eager to check out their speakers, and after ordering a pallet without knowing what to expect, I was really impressed with the sound and build quality."

VUE’s i-Class (integrator) and a-Class portable systems quickly piqued Lien’s interest, so he immediately started looking for the right opportunity to try them out in the real world. Three very different jobs came up, including the popular TV program Norwegian Idol, a niche show called Mannegruppa Ottar, and Credo, a gourmet restaurant in downtown Trondheim.

First up were the TV jobs. "Viasat4 was recording a new show called Mannegruppa Ottar, and they needed a compact PA and monitoring system that would be easy to keep off-camera," Lien continued. "VUE’s i-4.5 surface mount systems were perfect. We installed them below each of the dance podiums, as well as near the hosts and sound technicians.

"This is the best sound we’ve ever achieved in this sort of application. The i-4.5’s wooden box and quality components make a huge difference. In fact, even the sound technicians-who are always the first to complain about "boomy" plastic box speakers were pleased with the how great the VUE boxes sounded."

Lien then set his sights on a more elaborate studio installation for Norwegian Idol. The show needed a new studio PA, so Lien’s team matched a pair of VUE a-12 full-range systems with dual as-215 subs, with six VUE a-8 boxes functioning as monitors. Amplification came courtesy of FFA (Full Fat Audio), while a Yamaha LS9 console was selected for mixing duties.

"Everyone from the artists and camera crew, to the judges and even the hosts have commented on how great the new PA sounds," remarked Lien. 

With the two studio installations a success, Lien and his colleagues Fredrik and Tor began work at Credo. The plan for the restaurant was to balance minimal aesthetic impact with high sound quality.

"This was an important job for us because avon has a very long history of quality restaurant installs," explained Lien. "We are also frequent guests at Credo, and regularly bring clients here."

Seven i-4.5s were installed in the dining area, along with an LD sub for extended LF coverage.

"The warm, full sound of the i-4.5 complements the environment perfectly," Lien added. "Our customer is extremely pleased with the sound quality and how perfectly the VUE speakers fit the room visually."

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