Nuage bolsters Belgium’s The Musical Box studio

Although initially aimed at the post-production industry, Yamaha’s Nuage control system is now reportedly being adopted by a growing number of music production studios, including The Musical Box in Roeselare, Belgium.

When it came to selecting a mixing console for the new facility, founder Filip Seynaeve consulted Alain Wymeels, recording engineer, producer and owner of Midician Pro Audio, who recommended Nuage as ‘the most advanced and modern way of working’, according to Yamaha.

Featuring the full complement of three fader units, the Nuage control surface is capable of handling large-scale recording jobs, and the choice of Steinberg Nuendo as the DAW was a fairly obvious one due to its seamless integration with the Nuage surface.

Named after the 1971 Genesis song of the same name, The Musical Box was set up by Seynaeve after he decided it was time to follow his heart into sound recording, having spent 34 years at professional services network Deloitte.

After leaving Deloitte in 2014, he embarked on a course as an engineer/producer at MusiCasa studios in Knesselare. In the meantime he built The Musical Box on the Accent Business Park in Roeselare, with the intention of providing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for a wide range of projects, from mixing contemporary bands and pro musicians to music and sound design for commercials, online and television companies.