Obama and Romney clash captured by Audio-Technica

This week saw US President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney equipped with Audio-Technica transmitters and receivers, as the pair went head to head in the latest presidential debate.

Currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, Audio-Technica supplied microphones used on both Obama and Romney, the moderator and audience participants at the third debate in the 2012 presidential campaign on October 16th at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

Larry Estrin of Best Audio in Studio City, CA, who serves as Audio and Production Communications director for the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), selected Audio-Technica for each of the four debates in the series, with the pro audio specialist providing a host of microphones from its product line to capture every aspect of the debate.

Products used during the debate included Audio-Technica’s 5000 Series wireless with AEW-T5400a condenser handheld transmitters and AEW-R5200 receivers for President Obama and Governor Romney, allowing the candidates to move freely whilst answering the evening’s questions); AT898cW subminiature cardioid condenser lavalier microphones with AEW-T1000a body packs – doubled for redundancy – for moderator Candy Crowley; AE6100 hypercardioid dynamic handheld (wired) microphones, connected to Audio-Technica AT-MX351a SmartMixer five-channel mixers, for audience members asking questions; and BP4071 line + gradient condenser microphones for room ambience.

Candidate backup mics, required for redundancy, were additional AT898cW units with AEW-T1000 body packs and AEW-R5200 receivers.

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