Of Mice & Men mixed on Allen & Heath consoles

Californian metalcore band Of Mice & Men recently supported Linkin Park on the European leg of their ‘Hunting Party’ arena tour, with Allen & Heath GLD-80 desks at both FOH and Monitors.

The tour was FOH mixer Dave Nutbrown and monitor engineer Ian "Squid" Walsh’s first time using GLD, with Walsh requiring a system that could handle large arena shows while keeping to a compact footprint.

A GLD-80 connected over Cat5 to AR2412 and AR84 AudioRacks provided 32 XLR inputs for stage sources and handled five in-ear mixes, side fills and a pair of centre wedges.

Both consoles were fitted with Dante cards and mic preamp signals were split digitally via Dante over cat5 to FOH. The analogue gain was set at the start of the tour, with the engineers using the consoles’ digital trim (+/- 24dB) to make adjustments independently during the shows.

Walsh appreciated the GLD system’s workflow and compactness, commenting: ‘’It’s really easy to use, it’s such a small rig, we were in and out of there so fast.”

Dave Nutbrown also enjoyed his GLD experience, saying: “We’re happy with it, it’s a good, all round rock ‘n’ roll board. Our show finishes at 8 o’ clock. I carry it back to the bus at 8.30 and at 8.45 I’m in the bar. What can I tell you?”